Friday, 19 October 2012

DIY decoration

Hei! So, for today its DIY decorative inspirations.My friend Noor was the one who gave me this idea by showing me an awesome link. I liked tones of pictures, of course.. because they have lots and lots and lots! So, I'm just gonna show you something that I'd choose (and something easy to make, without being too handy) and you can just click on the links and go directly to the website to see more.
I've used other sources as well, so when you like something, just use the link for more information or more ideas. 

Hei! Tema de azi e DIY, adica Do It Yourself (ce-ai putea face tu cu manuta ta!). Prietena mea Noor mi-a dat ideea asta grozava, postandu-mi un link pe Facebook cu muulte chesti interesante. Mi-au placut multe, ce-i drept. E un site calumea, ofera multe idei. Am ales mai jos cateva doar - ceva ce si eu mi-as face (si ceva cat decat usor de facut pentru oricine). Puteti accesa site-ul dand click pe link-ul de sub fiecare poza.
Am folosit mai multe surse, asa ca, daca va surade vreo idee, doar urmati linkul pentru mai multe detalii direct de la sursa.

Enjoy! :)

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